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Set up Printing for Apple

Set up B&W printer

We recommend that you go through these steps at least twice to set up at least two printers. Periodically one of the printers may jam or have some other problem. It is good to have at least one or more backup printers. You can print to any of the student printers on the third or fourth floor.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Print & Fax
  3. Press the plus sign to add a printer.
  4. Choose the IP tab
  5. Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from the Protocol menu
  6. In the Address field, type
  7. For the Queue, enter XXX-Duplex where XXX is the society room of the printer you want. The possible choices are:
    1. Wearn-Duplex, Wearn-BKP, Blackwell-Duplex, Blackwell-BKP, Satcher-Duplex, Satcher-BKP, Robbins-Duplex, Robbins-BKP (the "BKP" printers are the older, smaller Dells that you have in your rooms to use as a backup in case your duplex printers fail).
    2. Then there are the lounges: Redlounge, Bluelounge
    3. And the Health Center Library, or "HCL"
  8. For Printer Model: choose Generic Postscript Printer.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Open Microsoft Word.
  11. Create a new document and write something on it unique to yourself, such as This is a test page for (your name here), then try to print it using the printer you have selected.

If all works well, you are done with the black & white printers.

Set up the Color Printer

How to install the color printer on a Macintosh computer.

  1. Turn on your Mac and plug in the network cable.
  2. Go to FileTransfer (the "T-Drive") folder.
  3. Go to Administrative Computing, then Student Printer Setup, then Color Printer - Dell 5110cn, then go inside the folder For OS X.
  4. Double-click on the Dell 5110cn.dmg disk image you see inside. Run the Dell 5110cn file inside. This will install the drivers.
  5. Open System Preferences.
  6. Go to Print & Fax
  7. Press the plus sign to add a printer.
  8. Choose the IP tab.
  9. Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from Protocol menu.
  10. In the Address field, type
  11. For the Queue, enter e323color
  12. Under Name, enter, "Color Printer in E323" or something appropriate.
  13. For Printer Using, choose Select a driver to use...
  14. From this drop down list, select Dell Color Laser 5110cn v3015.103 PS
  15. Then click Add.
  16. A new list of items will appear. Just click Continue.

Since you have just configured this printer, it is currently set as the default printer. We recommend setting a different printer as default, since printing a lot to the color printer by mistake could be a costly error (it is $0.25 per page).

Set up Duplex Printing

Instructions for printing to the Dell 5310n printers in duplex mode for Mac OSX 10.6.x, current as of 2/16/11.


These instructions are intended for the Dell 5310n Duplex printers only. No promises are made as to these instructions working for any other printers.

Another Note:

Both these instructions and actual printing will only work via the wired network cables at your desks or through AnnyConnect VPN if wireless.

Yet Another Note:

This has been done before, and those old instructions don't like Snow Leopard. If you have a copy of the old instructions, disregard them and use these new instructions.

  1. Navigate to the T: Drive, also known as FileTransfer, and get the driver.
    1. Select Finder, then from the menu Go, then Connect to Server.
    2. Enter smb:// and press enter. It may be necessary to enter your Case credentials.
    3. From the dropdown menu that will appear, select File Transfer as your destination.
    4. Go to the folder From Administration.
    5. Go to the folder Student Printer Setup
    6. Go to the folder Duplex Printer - Dell M5310n for Macs
    7. Inside it is one file called Dell Laser Printer 5310n.mpkg - copy it to your local computer. Do not run this program through the network!

    Screenshot of directory

  2. Remove your Duplex Printers from your list of Printers. This avoids certain issues I've encountered with changing the existing setup. Better to get rid of them and make fresh ones that work.
    1. Go to System Preferences.
    2. Select Print & Fax.
    3. Click on any duplex printers you may have installed already.
    4. Click on the minus sign to remove them.
  3. Run the file you downloaded called Dell Laser Printer 5310n.mpkg. It's an installer package so follow through its steps until finished.
  4. Add duplex printers.
    1. From inside Print & Fax, click the little plus sign in the bottom left corner.
    2. In the new window that opens, click the tab labeled IP.
    3. Now enter your information as you see below. Naturally substitute the society name for the appropriate one.

    4. Screenshot of window shoing how to add printer

    5. After you have done that, click Add.
    6. You will be presented with another new window. Be sure you check the box that says Duplex Printing Unit.

    7. Installation window

    8. Click Continue.
    9. Now you have finished setting up a duplex printer, but in order to use it you must select it from the print menu when you go to print.
  5. How to print duplex printouts:
    1. Each application may approach this differently. I'm going to use MS Word in my example.
    2. Open a Word document you want to print.
    3. Press Command + P to open the print menu.
    4. By default you will see the Copies & Pages screen.

    5. Printer page

    6. Click to change the Copies & Pages screen to the Layout screen.

    7. Last step of printing

    8. Change Two-Sided from Off to Long Edge Binding and press Print to print.
    9. You are done!

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