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E-Mail for Apple

If at any time you have been provided with a loaner notebook, we recommend that you use Case’s WebMail until you have your regular notebook back. That way you will be able to download any mail received while you had the loaner on your regular notebook.
Apple’s Mail is the recommended e-mail client which comes with every installation of OS X.

Configure Mail (this is a one-time procedure only)

Once you are connected to the Internet (Ethernet cable, wireless, modem, or DSL/cable modem), click on the Mail icon on the Dock to open the e-mail system. 

  1. In the General Information select IMAP from the Account Type: dropdown.
  2. Under Account Description: enter Case Email
  3. For Full Name, enter your real name (ex. John K. Smith). 
  4. In the box for Email Address enter your Case e-mail address, your (ex. John.Smith).
  5. Click  Continue
  6. For Incoming Mail Server, enter
  7. In the box for User Name, enter your Case Network ID followed by (ex.
  8. Enter your password and then click Continue
  9. For Outgoing Mail Server, enter
  10. Verify that Use authentication is checked and enter your Case Network ID (ex. jks2) and password.
  11. Click Continue
  12. Click Done.
Things that are useful to know about Mail

  1. BEWARE:  Many viruses are transferred from computer to computer via executable files attached to e-mail.  Therefore, NEVER open an attachment from someone you do not know.  You should follow this precaution even though the university has an antivirus program on the mail server and you do have Symantec Antivirus software on your computer.  As they say, you can never have too much protection!!  Be careful about opening attachments from people that you DO know because some viruses are sent as attachments without the sender’s knowledge. 
  2. If you would like to attach a file to this e-mail, click Attach File from the top of the new message window.  Use the browser that appears to find and highlight the file on your hard drive that you would like to attach.  If you are attaching a file to be sent to someone who may not be using a Mac, click the checkbox for Send Windows Friendly Attachments.  When the file has been highlighted, click on Attach.  This process can be repeated to send multiple attachments in a single e-mail.  Google Apps for Case has a maximum size of 20MB for an attachment.  The maximum mailbox size is more than 2GB.
  3. To send the message and any attachments, click on Send in the message window.    Depending upon the time of day, etc., it will take seconds to minutes for a message to be processed by the system.  The university mail servers handle ~4 million e-mail messages every day!  When a new message appears in your In box and you have Mail running in the foreground or background, a beep signals the arrival of the message.
  4. Apple Mail is a very powerful e-mail client.  You may filter your mail to reduce the number of spam e-mails that you receive; you may set the font size and type of your e-mail messages, etc.  Please explore these features and customize the program to your personal preferences, as there are many. 

Configuring LDAP (Address Lookup)

  1. Open the Address Book application (/Applications/Address Book)
  2. Select Preferences from the "Address Book" menu
  3. Click the LDAP tab
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Enter the following:

Name box:            Case LDAP
Server box: 
Search base box:   ou=People,,o=isp
Port box:               389
Scope pull-down: Subtree
Click the Save button

Web Based Email

  1. You already have the Mail client installed on your computer.  We recommend that you use this system to access your e-mail from your notebook computer.
  2. If you are off campus and would like to access your e-mail from another computer, the University provides a web-based e-mail system that gives you this access. 
  3. To login to WebMail, go to the following URL:
  4. Explore the various options of this system.


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