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Several methods have been established to enable communication from faculty and staff to students, from students to administration and from students to students. The non-technical method is that all students have mailboxes in the hallway outside of the lecture halls on the third and fourth floors.

Student Portal

The student portal website is at the following URL:

You will have to login to the website every time you connect to the site. The announcements section enables faculty and staff to send messages to each of the classes. Check for messages regularly. There is also a section where students can anonymously report problems or issues to Administration, Networking, Applications and Audio/Video.

Student Listservs

We have established three different listservs (mailing lists) for you:

  1. Open Listservs:
    • This open student listserv is intended for student to student personal interaction among the class, staff, and faculty in the School of Medicine.  At the beginning of the year, all students are automatically members of their respective class listservs.  Students, faculty, and staff may add or delete their names to/from any of the class listservs (Login at  Only members of these listservs have the capability of posting messages to the listserv.  It is expected that all student-initiated e-mail messages to the class will be posted to these open student lists.  The open student listservs for the other three classes are:
    • You may add your e-mail address to the listservs for the other three classes by logging in to
    • Be considerate when sending messages to any of the listservs because your message will be seen by every one of its members.  Do not send any messages that would be offensive to any member of our community. 
  2. Administrative Notes Listservs:
    • Some official administrative communications with students will take place via this administrative listserv which is a monitored listserv.  All students are automatically members of the listserv for their respective class administrative listserv.  You will be able to recognize an e-mail from this listserv by the title [ADMINISTRATIVE-NOTES-14] followed by a descriptive phrase appearing in the Subject line.  This listserv differs from the open student listserv described above in the following ways:
    • All administrative announcements to the class will be posted only on this listserv.  Students should ALWAYS read messages received from this list.
    • Anyone can send messages to this list, but all messages are reviewed by the office of Curricular Affairs and must be approved as official and appropriate to the purpose of this list before the message is actually sent to students.
    • All messages posted to this listserv will be archived in the old eCurriculum.  To view these messages, listed in reverse chronological order, go to the old eCurriculum, eResources, and Listserv Info and choose the Administrative listserv.  So if you happen to miss an important message, you can always find it in the archive.
  3. Society Listservs

NOTE: If you have trouble or have any questions about the above listservs, please send e-mail to

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