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Student Information

**Please check back often for updates.**


  • June 12: The deadline for receiving Apple laptops from students who are bringing their own new or older laptops is coming up quickly. If we do not receive your Mac laptop by June 22nd, it will be put at the end of the queue for being set up. As a result, it may not be set up in time for your Computer Orientation Session or possibly not even be ready for the start of classes.
  • June 9: For those of you who have not selected a laptop or let us know that you're bringing your currently owned Mac, time is quickly running out for us to place a laptop order and hope to have it arrive in time for classes.
  • June 2: The page for registering for the Computer Distribution and Orientation Sessions is now open. Please click on the link on the right-hand side of this page. We have sessions available the week of June 29th for students already in town. We'll have sessions available the week of July 6th.
  • May 29: I have received a number of e-mails from incoming students asking about the deadline for order. There is no "real" deadline. We like to place the first bulk order toward the end of May so that we can ensure as many laptops are here and ready when students arrive. We will continue to order laptops right up until the start of classes, if needed. However, the closer we get to the start of school, the greater the risk that the laptop will not arrive in time. We only have a limited number of loaner laptops.
  • May 26: One of your soon to be classmates just brought a couple of typos to my attention. On the Laptop Comparison page it said that the MacBook Pro 13" had an "i7 207GHz" processor. that has been corrected to be an "i5 2.7GHz" processor. My apologies! Anyone who selected the MacBook Pro 13" with the expectation of getting an i7 processor is welcome to change that order.
  • May 22: Good News! For everyone ordering a MacBook Pro through the school, you will get the new models with the Force Touch Trackpad. The price will remain the same as previously listed.
  • May 19: It turns out the rumors were wrong. Instead Apple released new versions of both the 13" and 15" MacBook Pro today. We have requested new quotes for these new models and will get the information posted as quickly as we can.
  • May 19: Rumor is beginning to spread that Apple may annnounce a new 15" MacBook Pro this week or maybe in June. For incoming students who want a 15" MacBook Pro, we offer the following suggestions. If the announcement comes this week or next, we'll get a new quote as soon as possible. The currently available model will not be available once the new one comes out. If we can get a new quote in time, then students can order through us. If not, then we suggest that students make the purchase on their own. If you have already selected/ordered a 15" through your iApply page, we'll be in contact before we actually place the order.
  • May 15: The iApply page for ordering laptops is now open.
  • May 14: The laptop models and specs are now on our Comparison Table. The final prices have been posted. Ordering for laptops through your iApply page will open tomorrow.
  • April 16: This year we will approve older Apple laptops that meet minimum specifications. In addition, we are going to conduct a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Pilot with up to 15 students who have slightly older Windows laptops. If you are interested in the BYOD pilot for Windows, please send us an e-mail ( and let us know what kind of a laptop you have. If we get more than 15 students interested in the pilot, we will have a lottery. You MUST receive approval from our office to bring an older laptop.
  • April 16: Minimum specifications for older laptops (Windows or MacOS). Please note, these are minimum specifications. If you have more or better, then it is much better.
    • 2nd Gen core i5 or i7 processor
    • 8GB RAM
    • Ethernet built-in or with adapter
    • 200GB HD or larger
    • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or better
    • Wireless 802.11g or better
    • Screen 13" or better recommended (for exams)
    • 4 hour or better battery life (buy a new one, if you can't meet this requirement)
    • Windows 7 (not home edition) or newer
    • MacOS 10.8 or newer
  • April: We are evaluating laptops and negotiating with vendors. We will definitely include MacBook Pro laptops this year. We are talking to Dell now. We had planned on offering the same, but upgraded model as last year. But, Dell made it an ultrabook and now only offer a maximum of a 4-cell bettery in the Latitude E5450. That would be enough battery power to begin the year, but probably not enough to last through the day at the end of the year.


If you are wondering what your future
classmates are buying, see below.

Current confirmed orders as of:

Dell Latitude E5450
Dell Latitude E5550
Apple MacBook Pro 13"
Apple MacBook Pro 15"
Own Mac Laptop
BYOD Pilot for Windows Laptops

Before selecting a laptop, PLEASE review our policy, comparison table, timeline and especially the FAQ page.
Or follow the Laptop link (top-right Tab) on your iApply page.