Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Faculty Search  Welcome 

Date: 1/16/2018


From the top menu, you may search the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine faculty list in two ways:

 Searching “Contact Information”

allows you to find faculty listed in the official School of Medicine directory. You may find a faculty member by searching for their “Last Name”, “Administrative Appointment Title”, “Primary Appointment Title”, “Full Time/Part Time Appointment”, “Appointment Type”, “Degree”, and/or “Department”. The search report provides basic contact information on the identified faculty along with the ability to run a PubMed search to display the scientific publications of the particular faculty member(s). This search may not retrieve all publications of a faculty member because it uses a default search strategy of the faculty member’s last name, first initial, AND Cleveland. Once the search is run, you may change the search strategy on the PubMed site to more accurately conduct the search. A more accurate default search strategy can be applied by faculty once the Faculty ePortfolio system is activated.

 Searching “Research Interests”

allows you to search a database created from the information contained in the scientific publications of our faculty. Use this search to identify faculty who are doing research or clinical work in a particular field by searching “Publication Titles”, “Abstracts”, “Keywords” (MeSH terms), “Journal”, “Year Published”, and/or “Author Name”.