Our Alumni

We are proud to present the excellence of our residency program by showcasing the fellowships of our current and previous resident graduates.




Melki, Sami
Head and Neck Oncology-Microvascular Surgery, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, OH, Chad Zender, MD
Weng, Catherine
Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, Rochester, NY, Vito Quatela, MD
Wick, Cameron
Neurotology, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas, TX, Joe Kutz, MD and Brandon Isaacson, MD
Heaphy, John
Head and Neck Oncology, Microvascular Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, James Netterville, MD
Liu, Carol
Pediatric ENT, Baylor Texas Children’s Hospital, HoustonTX, Ellis Arjimand, MD
Yerukhim, Michael
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dept of Otolaryngology, New York, NY; William Lawson, MD; now in private practice.
Weidenbecher, Mark
Laryngology,  Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Laryngeal Surgery,  Boston, MA, Steven Zeitels, MD; currently on faculty at UH Case Medical Center.
Chhabra, Nipun
Rhinology, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA, Ralph Metson, MD
Currently on faculty, University of Illinois at Chicago, Rockford IL
Shah, Jay
Pediatric ENT, Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, Cuneyt Alpre, MD; currently on Faculty at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Gilpin, David
Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery,  Hedgewood Surgical Center, New Orleans, Calvin Johnson, MD; now in private practice.
Obokhare, Joy
Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery,  Louisina State University, Shreveport, LA, Fred Stucker MD; now in private practice.
Barbu, Anca
Laryngology, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Laryngeal Surgery, Boston, MA; On Faculty at Harvard
Jarchow-Garcia, Andrea
Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery, Hedgewood Surgical Center,  New Orleans, LA Calvin Johnson, MD; on faculty at UNC Chapel Hill
Johnson, Freedom
Head and Neck Surgery, Skull Base Surgery & Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, James Nettervielle, MD; on faculty at MetroHealth Medical Center
Lee, Richard
Pediatric ENT, Denver's Children's Hospital, Denver, CO, Kenny Chan, MD; in private practice in Idaho.
Anne, Samantha
Pediatric ENT, Children's Hospital Pittsburgh,  Pittsburgh, PA, Charles Bluestone, MD & Margaret Casselbrant, MD; on faculty at Cleveland Clinic Foundation 
Pagedar, Nitin
Head & Neck Surgery, University of Toronto, Canada, Patrick Gullane, MD; on faculty at University of Iowa
Semaan, Maroun
Neurotology, Otology, & Lateral Skull Base, House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles, CA, Derald Brackmann, MD. & William Slattery, III, M.D; on faculty at University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Hall, Kathryn
Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery, Farrior Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, Tampa, FL, Edward Farrior, MD; on faculty at University of South Florida
Vecchiotti, Mark
Pediatric ENT, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA, Gerald Healy, MD; on faculty at Tufts
Sulman, Cecile
Pediatric ENT, Northwestern Children's Hospital, Lauren D. Holinger, MD; on faculty at Medical College of Wisconsin
DeJoseph, Louis
Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Atlanta, GA, William E. Silver, MD;  in private practice in Atlanta, GA
Kim, Namou
Head & Neck Microvascular Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ, Richard Hayden, MD; on faculty at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Abbass, Fadi
Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery;  Eisbach Facial Plastic Surgery PC, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Karl Eisbach, MD; in private practice in Cleveland, OH
Redfeldt, Raquel
Neurotology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Michael Glascock, MD; in private practice in Arizona
Sabri, Alain
Head & Neck Microvascular Surgery, Vanderbilt UniversityMedical Center, James Netterville, MD; on faculty at American University of Beirut
Sullivan, Christopher
Head & Neck Microvascular Surgery, Vanderbilt UniversityMedical Center, James Netterville, MD; on faculty at Wake Forest
Werning, John
Head & Neck Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Helmulth Goepfert, MD; on faculty at University of Florida
Sprecher, Robert
Pediatric ENT, Texas Children's Hospital, Huston, Tx, Ellen Friedman, MD; now at Nemours Children's Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
Megerian, Cliff
Neurotology, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard, Joseph Nadol, Jr, MD & Michael McKenna, MD; on faculty at UHCase Medical Center
Stepnick, David
Facial Plastics & Microvascular/Reconstructive Surgery, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Richard Hayden, MD; on Faculty at MetroHealth Medical Center.


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