ENT Institute Research Center

The ENT Institute Research Center is designed to assist faculty, fellows, residents, and students navigate the administrative, regulatory, and operational tasks that accompany research within the department.


The Center can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Study Design, Protocol Development, and Feasibility
  • Come with an idea and we will help determine whether the study is possible to conduct at our institution and how to design such a study for maximum rigor.


  • IRB Submission and Regulatory Affairs
  • While we cannot submit your studies for you, we can help navigate the IRB system, create regulatory documents, and make sure you are submitting a complete application.


  • Database Development and Data Management
  • To ensure your study complies with strict institutional and federal guidelines, we can provide training on data storage and assist in creating a secure database.


  • Statistical Analysis

    IRB applications generally require a power analysis to minimize efforts that are unable to reach any conclusions. Depending on the scope and requirements of the project, we may be able to provide a brief analysis or report.


For more information or to get started on a research project, contact Bridget Patrick.