Center for Skull Base Diseases

The Center for Skull Base Diseases (CSBD) at University Hospitals Ear, Nose & Throat Institute provides a multidisciplinary team comprised of specially trained and experienced surgeons who manage a wide variety of tumors and other disorders of the brain and skull base. Common problems that are managed include acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, arteriovenous malformations, and pituitary tumors.

The team works closely with Gamma Knife experts to provide non-surgical alternatives as well. Each new case is discussed by members of the team and care is tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Over 20 clinicians, from a variety of specialties, have joined together to provide specialized care for these complex clinical conditions. Many of the members also hold appointments in the University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center so as to facilitate oncological coordination for tumors that prove to be cancerous. All referrals are welcome, including second opinion consultations.

The program is a unique partnership created by the University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve University departments of Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery. The full faculty includes specialists and subspecialists in all related areas, including radiology, ophthalmology,endocrinology, neurology, oncology, and radiation therapy, as well as various supporting services. Patients with cancer involving the skull base region will benefit from being evaluated and treated by team members who are part of UH Seidman Cancer Center.

Patients and families may have difficulty coping with the complex diseases and treatment options of the orbital, mid-face and skull base areas. To help increase their understanding and make them more comfortable with the procedures involved, we provide information about treatment options, keep them apprised of every change and welcome their questions at every stage of care. The goal is to help patients heal both medically and emotionally.

The Center at a glance:

The Center for Skull Base Diseases is proud to offer a variety of skull base disease services. These include:

  • Anterior Cranial Base Surgery
  • Middle Cranial Base Surgery
  • Orbital and Ocular Disease
  • Pituitary Disorders
  • Posterior Cranial Base Surgery
  • Temporal Bone Surgery, including cochlear implants