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ARO 2019 Meeting


1. An Uncharacterized Motif within the N-Terminus of Mouse TMC1 Contributes to ER Retention in Heterologous Cell Line - David Soler, Manikandan Mayakannan, Suhasini R. Gopal, Andrew Sloan, Thomas McCormick, Ruben Stepanyan

2. An approved drug mitigates ER aggregation of Usher 3A-associated human Clarin-1 N48K protein and restores hair cell mechanotransduction in a humanized zebrafish model - Suhasini R. Gopal, Yvonne T. Lee, Ruben Stepanyan, Brian M. McDermott, Kumar Alagramam

3. Mutation in the Clarin-2 Gene Cause Hearing Loss in Human and a Zebrafish Model Reveals the Likely Cause of that Hearing Loss - Suhasini R. Gopal, Barbara Vona, Reza Maroofian, Hela Azaiez, Kevin T. Booth, Kate Clancy, Neda Mazaheri, Hamid Galehdari, Gholamreza Shariati, Alireza Sedaghat, Ruben Stepanyan, Richard J. H. Smith, Thomas Haaf, Kumar Alagramam


4. Role of the Neural Crest Cells in the Development of Inner Ear - Vibhuti Khan, William J. Davis, Martin Basch

5. Neural Crest Cell Injection as a Strategy to Treat Congenital Strial Deafness - Justine Renauld, Martin Basch

6. Systems Genetic Analysis of ABR Thresholds in The BXD Family of Mice Defines New Modulators of Age-Related Hearing Loss - Qing Yin Zheng, Fuyi Xu, Xinyuan Ma, Eena Cheng, Weinan Du, Robert W. Williams, Lu Lu

7. Gene Therapy Rescues Auditory and Vestibular Function in a Mouse Model with a Null Mutation of Ush1c Gene - Weinan Du, Gwenaelle S. Geleoc, Quinn McDermott, Chelsea Zheng, Zihao Yu, Qing Yin Zheng

8. The Erlong (erl) Mutation of Cadherin 23 Gene (Cdh23) Causes Early Onset of Sensory Cell Pathogenesis and Provokes Intense Immune Responses in the Cochlea - Bo Hua Hu, Celia Zhang, Weinan Du, Qing Yin Zheng

9. Rapid Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake is Critical for Hearing Preservation in Mice - Manikandan Mayakannan, Steven Walker, Aditi Deshmukh, Elizabeth Perea, Danqi Wang, Kumar Alagramam, Ruben Stepanyan


Dr. Chad Zender Speaks at The Gathering Place's Symposium for Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer

As the event's key note speaker on September 15, 2018, Dr. Zender presented a comprehensive review of updates in treatment and the future of head and neck cancer care. The event focused on the latest treatments, survivorship issues, emotional health, and managing side effects.


CWRU Otolaryngology Sponsors 2018 MidWest Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology

Co-organized by the Department of Otolarygology's Dr. Martin Basch, the meeting was held September 14-16 at the CWRU Tinkham Veale University Center. The meeting featured an educational workshop titled "Publish or Perish" organized by CWRU faculty members, which had round table discussions with editors from several developmental biology journals. A satellite workshop on emerging technologies in Developmental Biology featured short talks from invited speakers and hands-on demos on data analysis, imaging, and the HoloLens technology developed by the partnership between Microsoft and CWRU.

For more information and a copy of the full meeting program, visit the meeting website.


Congratulations to our 2018 Cleveland Top ENT Doctors!

Pierre Lavertu, MD
Cliff A. Megerian, MD
Diana Ponsky, MD
Rod Rezaee, MD
Maroun Semaan, MD
Chad Zender, MD

Pediatric Otolaryngology
Todd Otteson, MD, MPH


COSM 2018 Updates

The following projects were displayed/presented:

Chelsea Hamill, MD - AHNS Poster: "Increased lymph node yield positively impacts overall survival in non-HPV but negatively impacts HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer"

Kate Clancy, MD - AHNS Poster: "Prospective screening of head and neck patients using the Opioid Risk Tool"

Valeda Yong, BA - AHNS Poster: "Interpreting indeterminate post-treatment PET/CT results in patients"

Emily Ahadizadeh, BS - AHNS Poster: "Post-operative pain assessment in head and neck surgery"

Jeanie Sozansky-Lujan, MD - AHNS Presentation: "Outcomes of tracheosophageal puncture in twice-radiated patients"

Clare Richardson, MD - ARS Poster: "Improving efficiency in epistaxis management in a large health system: Analyzing emergency department treatment variability as a pre-text for a clinical care pathway"

Anika Tamaki, MD - ABEA Poster: "Discharge by noon: An ENT initiative" and "Multi-specialty knowledge of airway management: After implementation of an educational initiative"

Mark Gelpi, MD - ARS Poster: "Rhinotillexomania in the cystic fibrosis patient" and "Financial implications of deviation from clinical practice guidelines for adult sinusitis"

Tammy Wang, MD - ABEA Poster: "Simulation based otolaryngology bootcamp"


UH ENT Institute Ranked Among Nation's Best


Bilateral Sequential Cochlear Implant Procedure

Featured in MedPage Today: Watch as Dr. Cliff Megerian and Dr. Gail Murray perform a bilateral sequential cochlear implant procedure in a 3-year old boy.


Treatment of High Grade Posterior Glottic Stenosis with Joint Ankylosis

Watch a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Mark Weidenbecker on a 12-year-old tracheostomy-dependent child presented with severe posterior glottic stenosis and vocal cord joint ankylosis due to intubation injury. He underwent cricoarytenoid joint release with interpositional piriform sinus mucosal flap reconstruction and was able to be decannulated shortly thereafter with normal laryngeal function.


Demystifying Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome

New national EVA patient registry will clarify prognosis, identify risk factors for EVA-related hearing loss. Dr. Todd Otteson presents the goal of the patient registry generated at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital for patients with hearing loss due to EVA will provide valuable clinical information regarding prognosis, activities that may cause progression of hearing loss, and the efficacy of any treatments.


Endonasal Excellence

A rare surgery results in great outcomes for a young NF-2 patient. Endoscopic techniques have allowed for minimal morbidity with maximal access for benign and malignant neoplasms of the sinuses and skull base. Dr. Kenneth Rodriquez is employing this technology today.